Speak Nothing

Speak nothing. for ten days.

My lips closed silently.

Then I realized quietly.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Don’t talk to me. of nothin’

Your word swordin’

make my heart bleeding

and my tear’s raining.

[for my president to come]

4 comments on Speak Nothing

  1. hai bro, tried to post my comment many times and this was my first succeed 🙂

    Speak of nothing…. what is it about, our new president???, well, i speak nothing if it’s regarding it. Most of people i met werw very happy due to the election result, they hoped there’d be changes in this country, though they said they werent too optimist. So, how should they behave….. who knows what will happen later on…….

  2. Now. the president is coming. He will immediatly step into the office.
    LEt’s wait and see. will he do the promised things.

  3. I saw the drama on tv, and i said nothing, i was too excited seeing those representatives in MPR/DPR behaved like comedians, they’re puppets of Indonesia.

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